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Our values


We are very proactive in giving our clients ongoing support and advice on their business.


An in-depth understanding of all subjects in Luxembourg and Belgium, and an in-house and external training system, allow our staff to constantly refresh their knowledge and advise you in the best way possible.


We are available every day of the week by phone, fax or email, and give every one of your calls top priority.


Whatever the size of your business, we believe that each of you deserves to be treated with care and professionalism. To be accessible to all, we ensure competitive fees that are appropriate to the market.

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Au travers de valeurs essentielles et d’une vision commune,
VO Consulting & In Extenso associent leurs énergies
en un seul et même enthousiasme.

VO CONSULTING ( T ) +352 23 65 18 88
LUX SA ( F ) +352 23 65 19 99
6, rue d’Arlon - Bât. C
L-8399 Windhof

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