In its press release of 30th August 2023, STATEC announced that the new sliding scale of 944,43 points (previously 921,40 points) will come into effect on 1st September 2023. This implies an increase in wages, salaries and pensions of 2.5% from that date.

The unskilled minimum social wage should then be EUR 2,570.93 and the skilled minimum social wage EUR 3,085.11 subject to the publication (on 6th September 2023) of the final and detailed results of the national consumer price index for August.

The new social parameters should also be published soon, and we will of course inform you about them.

The tripartite agreement of 7 March 2023 provided that in the event of a 3rd index bracket in 2023, compensation for companies would be implemented for the period between the application of this bracket and January 2024 inclusive. To do this, the contribution rates for the 4 classes of the Mutualité des Employeurs will be reduced by the amount to be compensated.

The rate adjustment will apply from the 2024 financial year and would correspond to a rate reduction of 1.34 points for each of the classes, which means that for classes 1 and 2 the reduction in contributions will have to be spread over several years to avoid negative rates.

The rates for the 4 classes applicable in 2024 will be communicated by the Mutalité des Employeurs towards the end of 2023.


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