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Business owners

Because a good story always begins with “once upon a time”, we support you from the outset of your project. You are entrepreneurs and so are we. You have ideas and so do we.

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Small and large businesses

We think that regardless of your business’s size, your project is of the utmost importance. Our clients range from the smallest of companies to the largest. We place particular importance on establishing a trusting relationship and a genuine partnership with every one of our clients.

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If you are a doctor, physiotherapist, lawyer, dentist or other self-employed worker, our specialised team is there to help you initiate, manage and administer formalities so that you can focus on your core business.

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Financial sector professionals

Due to ever-increasing demand, an expert department for financial sector professionals has been set up, adapting to the specific nature and demands of this industry. Our clients in this segment are primarily management companies, wealth managers and support providers.

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Au travers de valeurs essentielles et d’une vision commune,
VO Consulting & In Extenso associent leurs énergies
en un seul et même enthousiasme.

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