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Human resources

  • Personnel recruitment
  • Setting up of staff delegation
  • Drafting of internal regulations
  • Submissions relating to data protection
  • Submissions for the joint financing of training
  • HR structuring of your company (position description, organisation chart, remuneration policy, etc.)
  • Introduction of an appraisal system
  • Training/coaching (appraisal, organisation, running a meeting, etc.)
  • Contract HR management (in the temporary/permanent absence of your internal HR manager)
  • Assistance in collective labor agreement matters
  • Assistance and monitoring of audits by tax authorities, labor inspection, ITM, or social security organizations
  • Assistance in pension application procedures
  • Advice on personnel detachment abroad
  • Social advice
  • Request for reemployment assistance, compensatory allowances
  • Application for family, education, parental leave, and unemployment benefits
  • Preparation of contracts and amendments
  • Guidance during internal company elections, assistance in setting up a staff delegation
  • Information on the taxation of fringe benefits (company car, meal vouchers, etc.)
  • Optimization of salary costs, including the calculation and evaluation of salary splits
  • Salary simulations

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