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In Extenso Belux has a team of qualified experts with multidisciplinary skills.

We offer personalized support, entirely focused on your needs.

Belgian and Luxembourgish Accounting

  • Consolidation of accounts: information collection, consolidation adjustments, balance sheet and notes repair, management of relationships with auditors, financial analysis, and presentation of consolidated accounts...
  • Annual accounts filing: preparation of annual accounts, filing of annual accounts with the relevant authorities
  • Assistance and/or maintenance of general and analytical accounting
  • Periodic financial statements: preparation of interim financial statements, development of dashboard
  • Development of management tools: report creation, budget development, dashboard creation
  • Statutory auditor appointment

Tax and VAT services

  • VAT registration and declaration: assistance with VAT registration procedures, periodic and annual VAT declarations
  • Tax declarations: annual tax declaration and accompanying documents, Personal Income Tax (IRPP) / Corporate Income Tax (IRC) declaration, tax advice, and optimization
  • Intrastat/STATEC filings
  • Assistance with inquiries and tax audits

Legal services
Within the limits prescribed by the Luxembourg Chamber of Chartered Accountants - OEC Luxembourg

  • Company formation services
  • Liaising with government authorities
  • Assistance in approval requests (IPI, etc.)
  • Support in preparing approval documents and filing annual accounts for companies
  • Filing of annual financial statements with the BNB
  • Assistance with company liquidation or sale

Social secretariat

  • Company registration with the Luxembourg social security authority
  • Comprehensive management of salaries and social and tax obligations
  • Monitoring procedures related to employee sick leaves
  • Management of employee departures and disaffiliation procedures
  • Issuance of income certificates
  • Coordination with government authorities
  • Processing specific requests (family allowances, parental leave, salary split, reemployment assistance, etc.)
  • Optimization of the salary package, including fringe benefits and incentive plans
  • Management of international mobility, including professional expatriation, secondment, and simultaneous activity
  • Handling cross-border tax implications (Belgium-Luxembourg)
  • Complete salary administration in Luxembourg
  • Declaration of periods of incapacity for work and illness
  • Preparation of all required social documents
  • Assistance in administrative procedures and tax audits
  • Advisory services to company leaders on social security status and remuneration structuring

Audit and statutory auditors

  • External audits
  • Audit of annual accounts
  • Legal Services: Contributions in kind and quasi contributions, liquidation, mergers and divisions, environmental certification (Fost Plus, Val-I-Pack...)
  • Legal Expertise: Compensation and damage assessment, Bankruptcy prevention, Evaluation of restructuring plans...

Wealth management advisory

  • Wealth management: Day-to-day management of real estate, streamlining insurance contract management, centralization of wealth information
  • Wealth transmission: Analysis of tax and legal aspects, coordination with all advisors (lawyers, notaries, etc.), raising heirs' awareness of transmission issues
  • In partnership with Abbove - ACFOffice tool: Centralization of documents, graphical analyses, digital safe with 24/7 access

Business Creation Adovisory

  • As a certified service provider in Belgium for 'Business Creation Advice' checks, benefit from attractive assistance on services provided by In Extenso Belux within the scope of your project

Business transfer advisory

  • Business valuation: The expert assists in determining the value of the business, taking into account its assets, liabilities, growth prospects, and other factors
  • Due diligence: The expert examines the company's financial statements and other documents to identify potential risks related to the transaction
  • Negotiations: The expert assists the parties in negotiating the terms of the transaction, such as price, payment terms, and warranties
  • Transmission process management: The expert manages the business transmission process, including legal and tax formalities

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