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Created in October 1997, VO Consulting is a leading player in the fields of accounting, tax, law, governance, recruitment and human resources management.

We have more than 70 members of staff and support just as many Belgian as Luxembourg companies, with particular expertise in cross-border technical matters.

Accounting and business management

  • Assistance or outsourcing of general ledger and management accounting
  • Preparation of interim statements and dashboards
  • Preparation of financial statements required by supervisory bodies (CSSF, etc.)
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of operating statements
  • Preparation of financial plans
  • Statutory auditor appointment

Tax and VAT services

  • VAT registration
  • Periodic VAT returns
  • Intra-community statement
  • Intrastat/STATEC filings
  • Annual VAT returns
  • Annual tax returns and appendices
  • Personal/corporate income tax advice and optimisation
  • Management of tax inquiries and investigations

Legal services
Within the limits stipulated by the Luxembourg Association of Chartered Accountants

  • Company formation services
  • Management of business licence applications to the Ministry of the Economy
  • Assistance with specific licence applications
  • Assistance with the preparation of approval documents and filing of annual financial statements
  • Assistance with company liquidation or sale
  • Management of government support applications

Social secretariat

  • Company registration with the Luxembourg social security authority
  • Preparation of monthly pay slips and associated services (social security and tax obligations)
  • Management of administrative formalities for staff illness
  • Management of staff departures (de-registrations)
  • Preparation of remuneration certificates
  • Liaising with government authorities
  • Specific requests (child benefits, parental leave, salary split, job-seeker support, etc.)

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