Fidupar acquires a 33.33% stake in the Dutch company Omnia

Elate group is announcing the acquisition of a 33.33% stake by Fidupar in Omnia Management & Professional Services B.V. (Omnia) (ex-BNP Paribas Trust BV owned by Fidupar until 2007 and which Noël Didier was a director of up to October 2014). Omnia’s activities mainly consist in companies structuring and stichting administratiekantoor.

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Omnia provides domiciliation, administrative secretariat, accounting and tax services

M. Joost van der Neut is the current director of Omnia and will be supported by Noel Didier soon to be appointed director as well.

The goals of the acquisition of this Dutch company are numerous:

- we strengthen our position with respect to Fidupar’s clients who also have a business activity in the Netherlands and for which the company management has been entrusted to Omnia, and for clients who are eager to develop their activities there in the future;

- by building a strong partnership with Omnia, Fidupar is providing an international and global dimension to Elate group and is building up new opportunities in the Netherlands. The range of services provided by Fidupar broadens and our group is expanding.

- Being present in Benelux, Elate group can meet Lux-NL specific scheme construction needs for its clients;

- and finally, Omnia directors have also activities in a chartered accountant company: “Goed Geregeld”. This Dutch location will also provide technical support for the teams who seek information related to the Netherlands. There is a creation of a knowledge network.

Fidupar stake in Omnia is consistent with a development and support strategy of Elate’s clients.

It should be noted that this acquisition has been approved by the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF) and Dutch regulator (De Nederlandsche Bank).